Duncan Lanes Bowling Centre Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Vote Bowling Birthday Parties #1. When you’re looking for a birthday party place in Duncan …Duncan Lanes Bowling Centre is your party headquarters.

We understand that home birthday parties are a lot of work: picking a birthday theme, getting party invitations, decorating for the party, cooking, entertaining during the party, and then cleaning up after the guests leave!

Party Packages

We are also able to provide Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes for your party.  The cakes can have almost any picture or design applied to them.  The costs are:

8" round cake – $26.99
10" round cake – $30.99
10"×14" sheet cake – $36.99

You are welcome to provide your own cake or cupcakes, but we ask that you bring no other outside food or beverages, with the exception of fruit or veggie trays, or similar items.

Please book your party at least 3 days in advance to ensure availability.  Please advise us of anyone requiring vegetarian or gluten free hot dogs.

Here's A Great Idea...Let Us Do All Of The Work!

You want the party to be perfect and we know it can be stressful! So instead of stressing out – we have an easy & affordable party solution.

5 Reasons You'll Love a Bowling Party With Us!

  1. Everyone loves to bowl - and can participate!
  2. We know what kids like - fun, fun, fun!
  3. Value - Value - Value - parents want it and we provide it!
  4. It's a FANTASTIC PARTY with no stress!
  5. It's Easy - reserve your party now and we'll do the rest!

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